Cruise through the summer in style and comfort at an optimal investment in NEO’s latest masterpiece – pergola!
Designed to create an ecstatic atmosphere and to provide a good shade from the blazing sun. A unique work of art suitable as your pool or garden pergola, awesome beach and backyard canopy!
Height is adjustable up to cafe pergola 6 meters. Warranty for 15 years!

Some details about the NEO Pergola:
Whole frame is made out of aluminum, as it is light but solid, no rusting and can withstand wind and rain. The fabric on top can be any color and design depending on your idea and style. Basic color of fabric is plain white.

During the project creation we calculate the exact price for you. Transportation costs are calculated individually. Departure point is in Cologne, Germany. We also have our own logistic team if needed.

Every day we make new decisions. NEO Pergola now shines at night. This is an interesting option that may make you interested.

Projects we create can be adapted to your needs. That is why we are asking for some photos of the area you want the NEO Pergola to be at, so that we create a visualization for you before purchasing.

Each project is fully customized and free of charge.


Business Bay,
High Sky Business center,
new Ejari office 1307 Dubai
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